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Are Siberian cats truly hypoallergenic? The word "hypo" means "below normal." According to several scientific studies, Siberian cats are one of the few breeds that produces less of the Fel D1 that may cause allergy in humans.

This protein is distributed on the hair through the saliva that the cat uses for its daily cleaning, so when one thinks and says: "I'm allergic to a cat", in reality it is more likely that he or she is allergic to the protein Fel D1.

Can all Siberian cats be considered hypoallergenic? The level of Fel-D1 can vary greatly from one cat to another. However, it is considered that 50% of Siberians show much low levels of Fel-D1 than other races. Yet, only some Siberian cats are completely free. of the incriminated protein. Personally, I think the non-traditional Siberian cats (i.e. the Siberians who have been crossed with other breeds) have a different level of Fel-D1, most likely higher.

For this reason, I decided to breed only traditional Siberian cats (no NEM in pedigree, which is the result of a crossbreed between a Siberian and a Persian cat). However, if you suffer from allergies, the chance of developing an allergy to a Siberian cat is considerably lower than with any other breed of cats.

However, in some cases there are people who have an allergically reaction to the Siberian, even if the level of Fel-D1 is significantly lower than in other breeds. One must also take into account that some people suffer from other types of allergy in addition to Fel-D1 protein. In this case the Siberian will not work, especially if the person suffers from asthma allergy.

So, as you can see, one’s compatibility with a Siberian cat depends not only on the cat but also on one’s personal sensitivity. The only way to know for sure whether a Siberian cat is fine for you or not, is to spend time with the cat that you would like to adopt.

How long does it take to understand if your compatible with the kitten? It depends from person to person: some people react immediately, within a couple of minutes, while others show symptoms only after spending a few days with a cat. Unfortunately, tests on "fur samples” often do not provide reliable results.

Ultimately, if you love cats and cannot live without them, I invite you to come to my house, to spend some time in the company of my cats. 






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