How to adopt


My philosophy

We live in a complicated world full of rules and regulations.  Some rules are silly and others are necessary.  I try to keep ours to a minimum and to keep things simple.  Please respect that and before you consider buying a kitten from us read these rules and make sure you can live with them.


Why Do We Charge A Deposit

We charge a deposit which is 30% of adoption fee and it is non-refundable with the rest of the money due when you pick up your kitten.  We know you are making a significant investment in your kitten and we want you to feel secure that you are receiving a healthy, happy, well adjusted kitten.  Your deposit covers those initial investments.


When Can You Take Your Kitten Home

We feel it is extremely important that our kittens get to stay with their mothers until they are at least 12 weeks old.  I know that seems like forever when you want to take your kitten home but we have good reasons.  While kittens can be weaned as early as 6 weeks that does not mean you should rush the process.  Weaning is supposed to be a gradual process ending at approximately 10 weeks of age.  This is not just a matter of nutrition, psychologically it is important for young kittens to have their mother and litter mates with them until 12 weeks of age.  Like children they need to grow, learn and develop important social skills.  Many times people will find that kittens taken home too soon have social and litter box issues that can be very frustrating for their new families. 


Spaying And Neutering

Spaying is important to the health and well being of your pets.  It is also helpful in preserving your sanity. Female cats in heat are loud and to be kind overly attentive.  Oh, that sounds cute now but wait until 3am when your little darling is calling out to every tom is ear shot for a little loving or until she winds around your feet tripping you every time you stand up.  Think you are safe if you have a male... think again.  Intact males make their territory.  That is to say they pee everywhere.


Potential Breeding Stock

I love kittens.  If I didn't I would not do this.  On the flip side there is a big difference between a loved and wanted kitten and one that will end up alone on the streets.  The majority of people contacting breeders want to buy pets but every so often there is someone who has the fantasy of getting rich quick breeding cute kittens.  When faced with the reality of being a breeder they do one of two things.  Either they sacrifice quality of care to make a profit and become puppy / kitten mills or they dump the cats they bought intending to breed because they only loved them for profit potential.  Let's face it, often the most dishonest people are the ones who put forth the best face because they are practiced liars.  Because of this we will not release TICA papers until we receive proof the kitten has been spayed.  This helps prevent careless backyard breeding.  If you want to purchase a kitten with full breeding rights we charge a 50% markup.  That means if you see a $1000 kitten that you wish to breed the markup would be $500 with a total price of $1500.  Also I do not consider all cats to be suitable for breeding.  That means only some kittens can be purchased for potential breeding purposes.  In addition, anyone wanting to breed will need to provide me with contact information for their vet and other references.  I know this sounds harsh but if you are the sort of person who should be breeding animals you will understand why this matters.



Simply put don't do it.  It is a cruel and heartless act.  There are many ways to keep your cat from scratching.  Declawing means cutting off part of your cats "fingers" - translated into human terms that sounds a lot different doesn't it?   






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