About Siberians


I have always admired functional beauty over mere physical attractiveness. Perhaps that is why I love Siberian Cats so much. To really appreciate the breed you have to look back over a thousand years to see where its graceful athletic body and intelligent mind come from.

Picture yourself alive a thousand years ago in the ancient Taiga of what is now Russia. A Taiga is also known as a snow forest, so you can picture the cold pine forests in deep winter. This is the environment that produced Siberian Cats. Their beautiful silky triple coat puts the fur of other breeds to shame; however it is not just ornamental: the thick winter coat is a protection against the harshest winter weather. Their large muscular bodies and amazing agility allowed these cats to stand their ground in the face of many of the smaller predators and protect the food stores of their owners. I have seen my cats make amazing leaps that other breeds of cats cannot easily replicate. Those long athletic hind legs give them extra power. Such features were enough to make them great hunters and amazing survivors in an environment that would have killed lesser cats but that was not enough to win their way into the homes of the farmers and hunters of that rugged land.

I saw once how my male cat caught a pheasant (which we released afterwards) by jumping on its back while it was flying. An amazing sight.

If you ask me which feature makes Siberian Cats so luxurious, I would say their tails. The tail of a Siberian Cat is not just a tail, it is a beautiful feathery plume. Siberians are also wonderfully colorful cats whose coats come in many vivid and beautiful patterns.

What really matters is their personality, and Siberian Cats are kings and queens of personality. People have described them as the dogs of the cat world, however this is not totally correct. Siberians are warm, loving and loyal but they are still wonderfully cat-like. They are not loud and brazen as some cats are; they instead will sit quietly trilling at you waiting for you to pet them or give them a cuddle. At the end of a long day there is nothing as soothing as to cuddle up with one of my lovely cats on my lap and just stroke its soft fur. These cats are fearless in the face of dogs, loud noises and strangers. In other words, while I would not call them the dogs of the cat world I would still say they are the cats for those people who thought they were strictly dog people.

Despite of their thick fur, it takes very little to keep a Siberian Cat clean, by brushing it once or twice a week. That is all what it takes.

While the majority of cats do not like water and being wet, Siberians are somewhat attracted by water. So, do not be surprised if you find your Siberian Cat in the shower with you one day.

Summarizing, Siberian cats possess some unique qualities and characteristics, so it is no wonder that they are attracting a growing number of admirers.






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