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There is a green oak in Lucomorye;

There is a golden chain upon the oak:

And night and day a wise cat

Walks around upon the chain;

It goes to the right – it starts to sing,

It goes to the left – it tells a story.


Pushkin A. 1920 (poem Ruslan and Ljudmila)


Welcome to the site "Lucomorye" dedicated to the breeding of Siberian cats in the heart of Monferrato. My name is Olga Daneyko, I am a psychologist and a cat lover. From 2015 I started a new adventure having decided to open my very own cattery. The choice of the Siberian breed has been driven not only by my origins, given that Russia is my homeland, but also because I consider Siberians to be the most harmonious cats I have ever seen. Siberians have well-proportioned head and body, they are physically strong and fast, but at the same time they also possess a gentle spirit. They are friendly and playful. Siberian cats are very affectionate, mysterious and noble, yet they are independent and easy to take care of. Fond of East Slavic mythology, I choose the name Lucomorye for my cattery because it stands for a magical kingdom located in Siberia. The cat in Pushkin’s poem was certainly a Siberian, for only they know exactly where Lucomorye is. Hence the name reflects the mystery and harmony that reigns in my cattery, in which lovely, furry and somewhat magical cats and kittens live and play. Since 2016 Lucomorye is an ANFI (Associazione Nazionale Felina Italiana) and FIFE (Federation International Feline) registered cattery. My breeding cats come from the best Russian and European traditional catteries, and were selected according to the breed standard. My Siberian cats are raised in a loving environment with great care and continuous human-animal contact. I focus on the development of the correct traditional Siberian cats with different colours, CP (Colour Point) gene free – which derives from the crossbreeding between Siberian and Persian cats. My cats are similar to those that still can be found free in the Siberian taiga. Hence, I am trying to keep alive a tradition that might otherwise vanish. I will be glad to meet you and show you my cattery, which is also my home. I hope you will find here a friend that will make your home complete, harmonious and happy.



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